Summer course ideas for primary school students.

Summer Course Ideas (Draft) :


Handwriting workshop (Calligraphy)


Essay composition workshop


Presentation (Oral) workshop


DIY newspaper


DYI website


Math is English




DYI comic book


Reading and comprehension workshop


Survival English workshop


IELTS introduction and practice


TOEFL introduction and practice


English for kids. American Kindergarten Style (Fun and games in English) starter and L1/2)



EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) on guitars.

There is something that concerns everyone who starts playing electric guitar regulary at home or not in a professional environment. I am talking about those undesired nosies you can hear while not struming or picking your guitar. Some people call it humming, hissing, buzzing and if you google it you might find terms as 60 hz loop noise, and so on. we all know the noise, and having read and investigated this problem I found that the main cause for this noise is the EMI or electro magnetic interference. how do you know the sound is not coming from your amp? just turn all the way down your guitar volume know and if there is no noise you are being affected by EMI. the sources are usually the wifi routers, light dimmers, computer screens, fans, mobile phones, wireless devices, and any source  emitting radio or magnetic signals. as we usually play in bedrooms or small home studios we are usually surrounded by one or more of the aforementioned devices. the ones making more problems are computers (desktops) with huge screens and/or cooling fans of low quality or set for high performance (gaming or heavy use)

We usually have electric guitars with single coil pick ups, we can go over explaining the specs of these pick ups, for that matter you can do your own research, but if you are just starting you might find yourself ovewhelmed by this problem and might think that your cables are faulty and even worse that your guitar is just broken or bad.


1. Turn off all wireless devices nearby your area of practice.

2. Use laptops, they are less likely to cause problems.

3. Move around with your guitar, try to find a spot in the room that has less EMI

4. Don’t leave mobile phones or ipads chargers plugged while not being used.

5. Avoid light dimmers, use simple light switches.

6. Large fluorecent lights are a big source of EMI.

7. Don’t play too close to a TV set, radio or computer.

8. Don’t play too close to a fan or air conditioning system.

9. If you are using a modeling amp, it might be a source of EMI.  Play not to close to it.

10. In short try to avoid any electrical device that uses magnetism or electricity nearby yor practice, o music studio.

There is another kind of noises you can get while playing guitar, and I will try to talk about it in ther posts.

as a reference please watch this video I found on youtube:

Finding a guitar in Shenzhen, China

Buying a new guitar in Shenzhen is not so easy as it might seem. Even though Shenzhen is one of the biggest cities in China it does not have a decent selection of guitar or music shops. There are two important places one should visit if you want to check or buy electric or acoustic guitars:

1. Shang bu lu. Right across the Shang Bu building. Exit A of Ke Xue Guan metro station. Music mall 3rd and 4th floor.

In these two floors you can find some acoustic guitar shops. The mainly sell Chinese brands and in the 4th floor there is an store selling electric and acoustic guitars in a single spot. In this store you may find pedals, some small amplifiers, cables, straps and related products. They mainly sell Strats, Squiers, Telecasters, and Epiphones. Their acoustic guitar selection is not so wide but they usually have sales for guitars that have been hanging on the wall for long time. They have a small recording/practice studio in the store that can be rented hourly and also have some guitar instructors if needed. The sales staff speak English, this is perfect because you can communicate without having to bring a Translator. They have a good selection of Joyo pedals. They do not sell pedal boards but do sell the power supplies and cables if you want to go DIY.

2. Sendy Music. In front of the SZ university south gate. You can take the 113 bus in Shennan road and it will drop you in front of the store.

This store is more professional and they even have tech support for your guitars. They sell small and mid range amps. I saw some Orange, Yamaha, Fender and Marshall amps. They sell American Tele and Starts. They have also Saga and Martin acoustic guitar at good prices. This store have Digitech, Boss, Joyo and Ibanez pedals at good prices and you can sit and ask the staff to help you check them one by one. They have some Ibanez and BC Rich guitars but I am not sure if the are made in The US. (Not too familiar with them) they also have some practice rooms for one to one lessons. The owner speaks English and is really thoughtful and friendly.

Both places are the biggest and best places to get your gear here in Shenzhen. You can find some smaller places but they lack the variety and quality one might be looking for.

Hope this info helps for those who want to explore and get some guitar gears.

Noon Coffee in China

12:45 pm at a Starbucks in Shenzhen China is a scene hard to believe, here in the land of the “tea” hundreds line up to get a cup of coffee at around 25 rmb (4 US$) . The logical conclusion is that everybody likes to feel “cool” , is not the coffee, it is the status and the opportunity to look different amongst millions who just have the same 4 US$ to have a decent lunch.

Good thing: Hundreds of people get the chance to feel good and have a nice break from the daily routine.

Bad thing: The gap between middle and and low class gets bigger and someday it might blow on people’s faces.

Not good not bad: In 2 years perhaps we will drink coffee at a regular chinese restaurant.

The eye of the Huracan

At this point Venezuela is going through a tense calm, it’s been like that for almost a decade and people are starting to get used to it. Long queues to buy food and daily care products, something unimaginable some year ago. People would laugh and make jokes about how Cuba went into decadence and abrassive retoric and now we are suffering the same “evil” of the XXI century socialism… Things are said and you never now what they are actually trying to say, there is this double speech that goes nowhere. Mr. Capriles is running AGAIN for president on a last stand against the “Chavismo” now without Chavez in this Planet… Mr. Maduro a former Bus Driver and Union Lider makes Jokes on TV and falls vicitim of the 6 Million People that Voted against Chavez the last October. Jokes that are laughable and sometimes a raw reality of how sarcastic and careless the government has turned into. The truth is that none can tell what is really going to happen next April 14th on election day but there is something I am sure of, whatever results come People will continue their lives and Venezuela will always be a Mistery and Irony castle where Nobles and Peasants hate each other and secretly detest their Modus Vivendi. Hope someday we all realize that the world has changed and while we think we are in the center of everything, we are seen as a Country ruled by dictators and an Oil-Giving-away ugly cousin.